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tv   News  RT  January 3, 2018 3:00am-3:30am EST

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does depend have the if this is so they've got zero which is a germany have they have nothing so they have nothing really to reduce the overnight negative razorback they have to go to negative they can't do negative interest rates if they have physical test i'll just go and take all my hundreds out put them on with my mattress and you can say i get negative ten percent but i don't have a good ten percent because i have you know whatever x. number of dollars stuff the stuff in my house so they have to get the world used to living off of a digital currency and by the way there was a person nominee to the fed by mr trump called marvin goodfriend and what does marvin goodfriend love more than anything in the whole world. besides bitcoin negative nominal interest really look it up ok all right so there's the you know you're building a strong case here so so because it is just like the gateway drug is just opening up to this thread going yeah ok now here's my mike mike some of my post to some of
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this thought is that the i think that krishna bit going going all are back to two thousand and eight white paper which describes the introduction to it which mentions bank bank fraud problems in the banking system and problems in the central bank system it's always been a race against the failure of the current system the failure of the banking system in the failure of the money system the fractional reserve system the what you're talking about would require more organization that's possible in an environment of more failing banks in twenty eighteen i think we're going to see a big bank like do it your bank collapse or some big bank in the u.k. collapse because as you know and as i know you know they are technically insolvent italy italy will collapse i mean italy is on the verge of collapse that will change that chain reaction that sets off and the chaos that and says it will that it's not going to be ability to manage that any anyone reasonable way and i think that's why this push to bitcoin and i think bitcoin price the reason is so high is that it's discounting ok. banking armageddon it's telegraphing as markets are discounting
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mechanism they're telling us that in very near future you're going to have another two thousand and eight banking catastrophe i agree with everything you just said here's my all my issue and i'm sure you have thoughts on this the government really doesn't suffer. the money laundering flouting very readily and the know your customer rules they don't like people flouting those either and they really don't want to with alacrity give up control over the entire field of currency regime so why are they giving all this rope to cryptocurrency well because and the reason is the reason is maxwells because they want to get the the citizenry used to using a digital currency and they want to completely get rid of all of paper currencies and like i said this is going to this is coming out of it so i you know i think it is coming into gaza on the accomplishes of that and then they ban all private crypt
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of currencies for one public block chain that they completely control by the way when they do that they can track every single transaction so the underground economy goes away tax evaders go away and they'll do it under the guise of worrying about you know a m l n k y c and terrorists funding and they have all these subliminal reasons why this is going to be successful and well that well while the public is worrying about what the broad size of kim carr dashin they're going to be have to have no control left over their money they'll be no protection from inflation the purchasing power of their money can be destroyed at the will of the governments i think you're giving too much credit to governments and if they wanted to co-op because they could have during the early years using what's called a fifty one percent attack they could have an awful eyes mining with the resources of one or two governments combined they didn't because they was not on their radar they have no idea what this is. and it's completely outside of the they do know
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though don't think but now it's beyond their reach the computational. robustness of the protocol is such that no country or group of countries or even a global effort could could co-opt or usurp the big protocol to point is beyond them which is one another reason why i keep going higher prices because it can't be attacked in that way second reason is that we have. an example here in zero of game theory game theory and if you follow game theory in the national liberal human this idea where all of the interests of a given scenario are equally balanced the point were participants are motivated not to snitch on each other there's it's in won a nobel prize i believe for justice on the movie ok so we've already seen that play out in bitcoin with the mining industry you know their chinese are very dominant mining now the japanese are mining was in eastern europe or in mining because there's this huge game theory experiment going on where no one ends up having too
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much control because it's gets distributed and the power is distributed this game theory is going to jump to the nation states in other words it will become a strategic reserve for central banks and russia or china could be getting or japan mining bitcoin as a strategic reserve as they would buy gold in the face of a collapsing fee at currency that we're seeing all over the world we both agree that feels vulnerable we both know that central banks are buying gold we both know that because it is incredibly robust to becoming a multi-million dollar asset one central bank start to play the game through with each other in bitcoin a big mining then that's another reason why you're not going to have any one state come in and decide outlaw it and do this and do that because of the entire business which is going to float to the territory that welcomes this new business so it's competition of the fittest survival of the fittest and no one country has a monopoly on this thing it's global and it's playing out globally you might be right but i think the i.m.f. . together with the global central banks to shut it down to memphis bankrupt we
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know that they were completely bankrupt before they tried to before they interfere with the greece with the troika the e.c.b. and the you and the e.c. and before then they were about to close up shop and go away because they were there bankrupt they then got a bunch of banks to reacquire them christine legarde going against your own currency the s.d.r. the special drawing rights yeah special drawing rights he's bankrupt the exact same the feds bankrupt they are a solvent another of your most leverage bank in the history of banks backed by nothing but who should i be errors it takes i'm going to say that's the roll up all the global that into a global special drawing right to bail out all the banks again yes but it's another fee out currency that's going to drive more capital into gold and more capital into because i mean that there were as big as a response to the f.d.r. the f.d.r. just another fiasco r.c.s. can't bail out a fee our currency with another fee our currency and you know what you know what max you know who really gets hurt is the middle class was flushed down while there's millions and millions of millionaire i now know more cannot believe it was
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a big coin but because of the inflationary policies are going to be. inflicted on the american public and the european public and japan japanese public and you know the p.b. o.c. is out there right now trying to keep the ponzi scheme as david stockman calls it the red ponzi scheme afloat right let's say something all these things are going to collapse probably in two thousand and eighteen because we have an inverted yield curve probably by october of two thousand and eighteen billion briefly but they're still in the short end of the yield curve interest rates are higher than the long and deal to right now we have fifty three basis points between the two year and the ten year note that's going to invert now we have the cause credit to seize up. a bank and have paid the positive more than a loan why am i going make any more loans i don't want our deposit alive or went up a lot you know in the credit crisis of two thousand so we're adding to our credit crisis how are they good absolutely no i didn't know it was no ammo other things i mentioned before helicopter money universe of ways you can come and negative interest rate policies made possible by. these universal because of
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a fed coin or an i.m.f. coin in them are they going to ok now there's three billion people on earth with an internet connection and now it's easy it is easy to go to an app on your smartphone and you've got whatever of the hundred fifty currencies that are out there in the world actively traded and you can put five bucks into a crypt a coin that's going up in value and that your buying power just went up in a world where they're printing hundreds of trillions of dollars to bail out the worst financial scum a terrorist that ever walked the face of the earth the bernanke is the janet yellen is the lloyd blankfein to jamie diamond the guys who make some a big lawn look like mother theresa people react to that and they react physically and this severus lee and they want to escape the matrix of the fia world how you can poor you this how much crap do you own. how many you want to give me for christmas that is how much i'm going to and how do you allow yourself to be exposed to the ravages of feel and it's not i still believe one of the best things about probably currency offer is the ability to move money around the world digitally
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yeah well guess what there are companies like gold money which i own that has a private blog chain that allows me to own gold and monetize it instantly and that's where i'm putting my hope and they also now offer but my point they offered that well they all are going to know you go cold storage though that's right they'll engrave your and why are they doing that silly i don't know why because the market for gold is dead nobody is buying gold anymore you can't give it away except for sheikhs who want twenty four karat gold toilet bowls that say nobody wants a fricken gold barnum or when you want it well that is that's it and that is it is very said what about this michael plant oh yes or do you describe to the theory that the features gold price is in part responsible for the difficulty gold is having in the physical market to achieve paper gold prices you know a paper gold artificial paper gold yeah i do believe that yes i do people people getting rid of. you know millions and millions of dollars of gold within five
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seconds putting in a market order right you know when when there's new when there's no market around ok you know that does that in the jet it is accorded basis they do that to hit the price of gold now of course they do you have more legitimate maybe like the price you want to sell a large chunk of gold yeah millions of ounces would you sell it when there was no liquidity in the middle of the night all at once with a market order clear indication of manipulation this but but but let me say this minute delay she goes both ways yes but but but we haven't seen him go but tell me ask you this if big point in distant to mediate all the banks and all of the wall street machinery is it then clearing a path for the price of gold to go higher. so i'm saying ok so i finally agree with him on. yes absolutely ok there you go michael finds out lowe's pick going i have got that. they think they take the words out of. well we got to go sadly
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just and things are heating up to come to new jersey next time on what is it please . all right that's it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacy herbert like to thank our guest michael pentode penta of court actually you should go there and look at his work he puts out a research that's extremely interesting even though it doesn't cover pay quite as low dollar does that what it does it to us and not favorably. twitter yeah we're on twitter kaiser report you can follow was there until next time. all to see we have a great scheme we need to strengthen before the free world cold and your bets have been a legend to keep it so it's at the back. in
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one thousand nine hundred two that must qualify for the european championships at the very last moment no one believed in us but we won and i'm hoping to bring some of that waiting spirit to the r.c.t. . recently i've had a lot of practice so i can guarantee you that peter schmeichel will be on the best fall since my last will call him that starts or three. thousand the joke was only. brushed. strife. left left left more or less ok stuff that's really good. politicians to do something. to put themselves on the line they did accept the reject. so when you want to be president i'm sure. some people want.
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to go on to be pros that's what i'm up for three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the. first. i. know. this is boom bust broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. i'm part children and i'm not just filling in this time i'm actually in over the years i've been a guest on myriad television program then radio program i was a guest with ed schultz on his show radio and t.v. and when the news with ed schultz began here at r.t. america i was pleased to join him on occasion and last year i had the good fortune
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to meet lindsey frantz the former host of this show boom bust and enjoyed being her guests so thanks to lindsey france and especially thanks to ed schultz and to the experience an expert management here in america really pleased to host the program and now i get to question more and i can't think of a more important time in my life to be doing so there's more social economic and political turbulence and tumble even a little trouble than i've ever seen in my life my pledges to keep boom bust fun entertaining and lively but to ensure that we do what i've tried to do throughout my career and to let folks in on what's going on not just in washington and other capitals around the world but on wall street and in global financial centers the intersection between the washington's and wall street to the world have never impacted main street an average folks so heavily i've always had strong opinions on many matters but we want we will demand all sides here we won't be overly partisan
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or oppositional that happens all too often in our society we won't merely drink the tea have our own biases we've become too divided too polarized to the point we don't even listen to each other. and part of that is because many times people are innocently being fed mis misinformation lies lies even political propaganda some of the false hoods are fabricated from.


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